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ICBC Releases List of Rejected Personalized License Plates for 2022

You won’t see VIRUS or U2SLOW on a personalized BC license plate because those were among the slogans rejected by ICBC in 2022.

9,467  slogans were requested by drivers throughout the year, with 3,135 rejected.

ICBC says each plate is thoroughly reviewed to ensure that it is acceptable for display on a vehicle.

Those that didn’t make the cut were either discriminatory, sexually suggestive, or derogatory in any language.

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ICBC’s manager of Insurance Operations Support, Sally-Anne Dodig says there’s been an uptick in applications.

“We’ve seen increased interest in personalized plates in the last few years,” said Sandy-Anne Dodig, ICBC’s Manager of Insurance Operations Support.

“Personalized licence plates can be a fun and creative way to express yourself, and are available for regular passenger vehicles, motorcycles, vans, light trucks and motor homes.”

The top-20 rejected plates from ICBC are as follows:

  1. ZOOOOM​
  2. U2SLOW
  3. BLU BYU
  5. HELL NO
  9. VIRUS
  10. LYTMUP
  11. M-PIGGY
  12. GAS PIG
  13. XLR8
  14. SUPC​HG
  15. DEMON
  16. VOODOO
  17. PIRACY
  18. BADASS
  19. HONDA
  20. SPRITE​

The full list of rejected plates is on the ICBC website.

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