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BC Reaches 12,000 Subsidized Provincial Childcare Spaces

The BC Government added more than 6,000 spaces to its 10-dollar-a-day daycare program during 2022 .

In addition, more than 725 childcare spaces are officially being added next month.

The NDP government says this will not only bring the total number of spaces to 12,700, but it will also help reduce child-care costs for families with children
enrolled in those daycare spaces from $1,000 a month, to $200 dollars a month.

Grace Lore, B.C. Minister of State for Child Care says that having affordable child care can make a significant impact on parent’s lives.

“Affordable child care can be life-changing, and with over 12,700 $10-a-day spaces throughout the province, we are lowering the cost of child care for families,”
said Lore.

Parent Dawn Sissons says that with rising costs for things such as interest rates, fuel and groceries, the $10-a-day program is very impactful.

“The cost of daycare for our two children was significantly more than our mortgage payment,” said Sissons.

“Now, the reduction in the cost of child care for my family means that we can absorb the rising cost of living while maintaining the extracurricular activities that
our children love, like dance, swimming, and gymnastics.”

The newly-approved spaces are set to open under the program in the Northern Interior on February 1st.

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