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City gets green light to expand southern boundary, but rural residents concerned

Plans for a new 300-lot subdivision at the city’s south end have regional district residents worried.

The development is planned on the south side of Jubilee Parkway, connecting at the new Willow Creek Road intersection. However residents on nearby Finch and Crawford Roads are concerned about what the new development, which could contain up to 350 homes, will do to area traffic.

Area D director John Rice says at this week’s Strathcona Regional District board meeting that the information available to the public is too vague.

“We’re going to pack 350 dwellings into the… area, without any idea of how that’s going to happen, without any idea what kind of impact it has on schools or traffic, and we already have those traffic concerns that haven’t been addressed for quite a few years,” he says.

Rice says hundreds of residents living near the proposed development are worried that it will change the character of their neighbourhood and affect their lifestyles. He also says traffic is already bad on Crawford Road in the mornings and afternoons,with people having to wait a long time to turn left on to the highway.

Campbell River Mayor Kermit Dahl, who also serves as a representative for the city on the board, points out most of the traffic created by the new development will move through the Willow Creek Road intersection on to Jubilee Parkway.

Despite Rice’s concerns, the board voted in favour of expanding Campbell River’s boundaries to include the proposed development property. The next step will be a public hearing sometime later this year.

Regional district staff say if the developer is given the green light to go ahead, they will be required to provide detailed plans for traffic and environmental mitigation.

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