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Greater Awareness of Arthritis Needed in Canada

More than two-thirds of Canadians worry about arthritis, but are unclear about all the facts concerning the disease.

Arthritis Society of Canada did a survey of Canadians ahead of Arthritis Awareness Month and found that seven-in-10 respondents are concerned that they will get arthritis, or fear they already have it.

President and CEO of Arthritis Society Canada, Trish Barbato, says there are over one-hundred types of arthritis and people should be aware of the prevalence and impact of arthritis.

“This disease is not only common, but also terribly complex,” according to Barbato. “If not treated effectively, arthritis can increase the risk for other serious conditions, including obesity, diabetes, heart and stroke, mental health, and many progressive disabilities..”

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Arthritis Society of Canada is working to promote awareness, advocacy, research, and innovation.

The society says more than six million Canadians have arthritis, but without greater knowledge and treatment, it warns that number could soar to nine million by 2040.

Arthritis Society of Canada surveyed 1,510 Canadians from August 4 to August 8, 2023. The survey was conducted in English and French.

Among the findings:

· 73% of Canadians know or love someone who suffers from arthritis.

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· 70% of Canadians fear getting arthritis or fear they already have it.

· 40% say arthritis is just a normal part of aging. Quebec (51%) leads the country in this sentiment. Men (46%) are much more likely than women to say arthritis is just a normal part of aging (35%).

To learn more about the different varieties of arthritis visit the Arthritis Society of Canada website.

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