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‘Swarm’ of earthquakes near Vancouver Island this morning

Earthquakes Canada is monitoring what it is calling a swarm of earthquakes off Vancouver Island’s west coast. 

There were three quakes this morning, most recently at around 8:20, 185 kilometres west of Port Hardy. There were two other quakes, including one 5.5 magnitude quake at around 4:30 am and an earlier quake before 3 am.  

Earthquakes Canada says there have been more than 30 events since September 14, though none have been felt and currently the largest reported magnitude was this morning’s quake at 5.5/ 

All three quakes were within 200 kilometres of Port Hardy, at depths between 5 and 8 kilometres.  

No damage was reported from the quakes. There is no tsunami warning in effect and none is expected.  

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