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‘It’s spectacular’: Director of non-profit following recent orca video

A founding director of Wild Ocean Whale Society says a recent video of orcas off the coast of Galiano Island is spectacular.

The society has been around since 2010, focusing on highlighting the whales, dolphins and porpoises of the B.C. coast, where they monitor and post sightings of them in the inside waters.

Founding director Susan MacKay says that because the video was shot from shore, it allowed Douglas Thistle-Walker to capture the breaching at the same time, making it a special moment.

“The vantage point that he had from shore made it really great to capture it all,” said MacKay.

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“When we are on the water, you can only get so much in one shot, so his vantage point being above, with no boats out there, it allowed the whales to behave in their natural behavior and play freely.”

She says when it comes to seeing orcas playing together, it never gets old.

“The whale watchers have regulations as do everyone else for keeping distance These distances are for the purpose of allowing these animals to do what is natural to them,” said MacKay.

“A lot of the recreational boaters that we are quite concerned about, they may not even notice the fact that there is a whale there, and they try to carry on, not realizing that if there is one whale.There is most often more than one.”

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If you are out on the water, she advises you to keep your eyes open, slow down and pay attention to what is out there on the water.

For more info on where to report sightings, click here.

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