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Province launches new services to protect intimate images

If you have had intimate images or videos shared without consent, there will be new supports to help you.

The province says two new services will assist those who have had their images shared without consent by giving them access to self-help tools.

These tools will be used to diagnose legal issues, get information on your rights and help connect you to support.

With today seeing the Intimate Images Protection Act coming into effect, Attorney General Niki Sharma says threatening to share these images is sexualized violence.

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“We are creating more legal options so that victims can get the justice they deserve on their own terms and making sure they have the tools and support to regain control of their lives,” said Sharma.

The province says that under the act, the civil resolution tribunal can order a person, company, or website to stop distributing the image and remove it from its platform.

If you fail to remove the image, you could receive a fine of $500 per day or $5,000 if it’s a website.

For where you can access these services, click here.

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