2015 Federal Election – Live Updates


11:12 pm

Rachel Blaney is the elected Member of Parliament for the North Island – Powell River.

Blaney sits at 22,790 votes with 95% of polls reported.

Laura Smith (Conservative) has 14,939

Peter Schwarzhoff (Liberal) has 14,516

Brenda Sayers (Green) has 4,737

Over 70% of registered voters turned out in our riding.

10:30 pm update with results from Elections Canada

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Rachel Blaney  NDP 18,214

Laura Smith  Conservative 11,016

Peter Schwarzhoff  Liberal  10,989

Brenda Sayers Green Party  3,850

polls reporting: 225 of 278 (80.94%)

9:04 pm update with results from Elections Canada


NDP Rachel Blaney 5,703 39.3 %
Green Party Brenda Sayers 1,336 9.2 %
Liberal Peter Schwarzhoff 3,607 24.8 %
Conservative Laura Smith 3,878 26.7 %

Total number of valid votes: 14,524

Polls Reporting: 90 of 278 (32.37 %)

8:58 pm
The Conservative party has issued a statement that Stephen Harper will step down as Conservative leader following tonight’s federal election defeat, according to The Canadian Press.

8:28 pm
The North Island-Powell River riding has Rachel Blaney in the lead with 2,578 votes, followed by Conservative Laura Smith with 1,924, Liberal candidate Peter Schwarzhoff with 1,694 and the Green Party’s Brenda Sayers has 619 votes.

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NDP leader Gord Johns sits in the lead in the Courtenay-Alberni riding with 5,669 votes, followed by current MP John Duncan with 3,997, and sitting closely in third is Liberal candidate Carrie Powell-Davidson with 3,884.

7:49 pm
Results are coming in for the North Island-Powell River District.  Only 10 of our 278 polls have reported.

7:02 pm
Eastern Canada’s polls are closed and according to sources three broadcasters have called the election for the Liberals after the party sweeps East Coast.

6:39 pm
Sources telling us polling stations across Canada are closing, British Columbia and the Yukon have the only active polling stations, which close at 7 pm.
170 seats are required to have a Majority Government
Currently the results are:
52 seats (58.9%)
12 (19%)
4 (17.5%)

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6:07 pm
Results coming in from Eastern Canada.
As polling stations close in Quebec and Ontario and the count continues in Atlantic Canada here is how the results sit:
Conservatives 17.7%
Liberals 60.9%
NDP 17.0%
Other 4.4%

Elections Canada tells us that the polls have closed in Atlantic Canada. Results have the Liberals in the lead with 21 seats (67.2%) NDP with 1 seat (14.1%) Conservatives with 1 seat (15.3%) and other with 3.3%



photo courtesy: cc