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New survey sees concerning trends for SD 72 students

A recent survey on student well-being shows concerning trends, according to School District 72.

During last Tuesday’s public board meeting, superintendent Geoff manning presented the results of the BC adolescent health survey. It focuses on the student’s well-being, looking into demographics, home life, health, substance use, and relationships.

26 percent of students reported having a mental health condition, with 28 percent having anxiety disorder and 23 percent having attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Along with the conditions, 69 percent of students do not want to access services because of confidentiality concerns and a desire to handle issues independently.

For substance use, 35 percent of students vaped, 49 percent tried alcohol, and 33 percent used cannabis.

The survey adds 43 percent have experienced verbal sexual harassment, 30 percent for physical harassment, and 29 percent for discrimination.

The survey did see some positive findings, with 77 percent of students reporting stable housing, and 94 percent feeling the safest in the library.

Chairperson Kat Eddy says the report helps them look at their students as whole people, and that the statistics do create challenges in the classroom.

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