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Still on target, BC Ferries response to online survey 

BC Ferries says approximately 10,000 respondents to a survey have confirmed they’re on the right track to deliver for clients. 

The survey, which included 9,400 online respondents, 561 employees, and 400 people who took part in 36 meetings, concluded the focus on improving ferry service was reliability [80 per cent], affordability [33 per cent], and having BC Ferries integrated with transit and active transportation [17 per cent].  

BC Ferries says they have already adopted some improvements in these key areas, and in a media release, they say they’ve already seen improvements. 

“Cancellations have dropped 37 per cent compared to last year, thanks to the 1,200-crew hired over the past 12 months,” BC Ferries said in a media release, “Four island class vessels are on track for delivery in 2027, and seven major vessels in 2029. 

“Together, these will add much needed capacity to the system and create significant flexibility in replacing ships during refit, or as mechanical issues arise.” 

President and CEO Nicholas Jimenez says he knows the world is evolving and BC Ferries needs to step in line with changes and keep up with demand. 

“It’s important we continue to respond to today’s customers’ expectations as well as look longer term to best ensure our service is reliable and affordable,” he says. “We put these priorities first every day, and I’m encouraged we have our focus in the right place.” 

BC Ferries says they plan to listen to the feedback and focus their work on five key areas identified in the survey including service levels, integration of ferry services into the wider transportation network, the role of coastal ferries to move goods, and approaches to prices and demand. 

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