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BC Envoy Ticked About Softwood Lumber Tariff

B.C’s special envoy to the U.S says new tariffs announced on Canada’s softwood lumber is an old tactic by the United States.

Congress has announced a 20% tariff on softwood lumber exports from Canada.

David Emerson says the industry has seen this approach before.

“It’s really quite uncanny.”

“The 20% duty, give or take a few percentage points, is pretty much the same as the CBD duty,” he says.

Emerson states this dispute needs to be resolved quickly and points out it’s important for B.C and Canada to continue to develop relations with overseas markets.

“We should be developing very deep trade ties with Asia and Europe and other parts of the world, I’ve felt that way for a long time.”

“Hopefully, it (dispute) will cause Canadians to reflect deeply about building trade bridges.”

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