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Stay safe in the heat

It could be a record breaking week for temperatures on the BC Coast.

Environment Canada has issued a Special Weather Statement for the region.

Meteorologist Cindy Yu says a ridge of high pressure is building over the province and will bring temperatures in the low-to-mid 30s by mid-week.

She notes that Wednesday and Thursday are expected to be the warmest days, and the most likely days we’ll see temperature records fall.

Meantime, health officials are urging people to be mindful of the heat and watch for symptoms of dehydration.

“Often time that starts with excess sweating, cramping, feeling dizzy,” says Medical Health Officer Doctor Charmaine Enns. “You may even start to develop headaches, nausia, or even some vomiting. Those are all really important indicators that you’re starting to feel the stress of the heat and you need to get out of that heat.”

Enns notes the heat can sneak up on you faster than you expect so it’s important to keep drinking water.

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