Canada Post has restored service to a rural neighbourhood in west Campbell River, following the closure of a nearby homeless camp.

Quinsam Road area residents can once again pick up their mail from their community mailbox.

Government and community affairs manager for B.C., Benjamin Berman, says the mailbox has been moved to a safer location, which is actually closer for most residents.

It was originally located at 2600 Quinsam Road, but due to concerns of it being too close to the homeless camp, service was temporarily stopped and customers had to get their mail from the post office instead.

RCMP constable Maury Tyre said the camp posed a risk to the public. It was torn down on October 30th, after an order to vacate was issued by the Ministry of Natural Resources.

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Police had responded to over 50 calls at the camp since May, and Tyre added that the RCMP had been working with local partners and the City to find more sustainable options for its residents.