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New anti-vaping campaign aims to educate youth on vaping risks

Your kids will learn about the dangers of vaping through a new anti-vaping campaign.

According to the province, the goal of this campaign is to educate children and youth in schools about the risks of vaping, who are more likely to develop a nicotine dependence.

Nicotine is an addictive substance found in vaping products, cigarettes and other tobacco products, and they can affect memory, alter brain development, reduce impulse control, and cause behavioral issues.

Minister of Education and Childcare Rachna Singh says it’s important that kids know about the risks that come from vaping.

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“The A-Z of vaping campaign continues our work with parents, schools and teachers to help students in B.C. get the right information and make informed decisions about their health,” said Singh.

This campaign comes after the launch of the A-Z of vaping campaign, which was used to talk about the ingredients found in vaping products, including nicotine.

Along with posters, signage, and pamphlets being sent out to schools, there is also a website called Quitnow that’s focused on encouraging young people to adopt a vape-free lifestyle.

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