North-Island Powell River riding candidates

Since the federal election campaign was launched just over a week ago, there have been different strategies from all leaders.
But in the North-Island Powell River riding, what each candidate has in common is their presence in the community, and speaking highly of their leaders.
Green Party’s Brenda Sayers was just in Powell River on Tuesday, and the Vancouver Island native says Elizzabth May is the voice of reason and the voice honesty.

Sayers says May has proven herself and is able to handle multiple tasks at the same time. Her her heart is in the right place.

Sayers adds the green party carries a lot of integrity, and that shows through to Elizabeth May.

For the Liberals,  Ocean Fall’s native Peter Scharzhoff says as a former scientist for environment Canada, he was working constantly on how to find the best way to protect the earth and the water. But he says today, so many people don’t trust the government on so many things including environmental assessments.

Scharzhoff says they just want to take away the secretly in the government.

More on other candidates later this week.